• Lap time of 51.762 seconds around Tsukuba Circuit
  • Capable of 1,000hp
  • Wind tunnel-developed aero by Voltex
  • Holinger 6-speed sequential gearbox

This completely unique Honda S2000 was developed by tuning company Top Fuel, specifically for time attack, every change made was done to reduce lap time. Using a standard S2000 as a base, power was multiplied several times to up to 1,000hp with the help of a GCG/GTX3582R turbo and a NOS system. To handle this massive power increase, a Holinger 6-speed sequential transmission and an ATS double-plate carbon clutch was fitted. The exterior features a wide body full of fins and wings, these are not just for show but are functional as it was developed by Voltex in a wind tunnel. Everything unecessary in the interior was removed and so it features a full roll cage, BRIDE GT full bucket seats, a carbon dashboard and a NOS tank.
As this car was made for time attack, it’s not a race car that had to be built with strict regulations in mind, this means it’s faster than many race cars and it’s famous for beating several lap records around circuits in Japan. At the Tsukuba circuit, often regarded as the home of time attack, it achieved a lap time of 51.762 seconds, a record for a front-engined rear-wheel drive car at the time. It then tackled Fuji Speedway, Suzuka circuit and Okayama circuit and left with records at each of those circuits. Top Fuel then decided to challenge the international time attack scene by entering the WTAC (World Time Attack Challenge) in Australia in 2012 and 2013.
Top Fuel is a tuning company and when creating the S2000 Type-RR, they made sure to modify it with a tuner’s philosophy, they took a standard car and instead of creating a tube frame chassis for it they kept the original chassis. This means that at 1,140kg it is not particularly light for a time attack car. They made this compromise to maintain the philosophy and showed the world what a tuning shop is capable of.