2020/12/20 SUN

Showa Retro Car Expo Auction 2020

Osaka Maishima Sports Island ”Sky Square" specialized event space


In response to the Novel Coronavirus(COVID-19)

For your safety and protection we will be promoting the following guidelines:

■Please wear a mask.
■Please wash your hands and disinfect your hands.
■Please keep a distance from others.
■In order to prevent and minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus, please refrain from participating in the auction if you apply with any of the following.
・If you have a fever of over 37.5℃(99.5°F).
・If you have symptoms such as coughing, dyspnea, general malaise, sore throat, nasal discharge or nasal obstruction, taste disturbance, olfactory disturbance, eye pain, or conjunctival redness, headache, joint pain, muscle pain, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting in addition to a fever.
・If you have had close contact with a person who has been tested positive or diagnosed with the novel coronavirus.
・Within the past 2 weeks, for those who have visited or have had close contact with people who have visited or reside in a country or region that has been restricted by the government from entering or required to undergo a post-arrival observation period.

Depending on the situation of the novel coronavirus, there might be changes to the contents above.
Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.


Sponsorship : BH AUCTION Co., Ltd

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Osaka Maishima Sports Island ”Sky Square" specialized event space