Two NSX Cars in Stellar Condition Are Up for TOKYO AUCTION


2019/04/25 THU

2 Honda NSX cars in miraculous condition will be exhibited at TOKYO AUCTION in July 2019.

This 1995 NSX Type-R (or 92R), with chassis code NA1-1300280, has its body painted Grand Prix White (NH565) with red seats.

The most remarkable aspect of this NSX is the mileage. With only 860km clocked on the odometer, it remains almost as brand new.

Amongst all the 464 “Type-R” vehicles having been made within three years, we are proud to say this extremely low mileage car is a very rare find.

1995 HONDA NSX Type-R

Another NSX, however, is even more special.

This 2005 NSX-R (or 02R), with chassis code NA2-200077, has its body colored in Champion White, an exclusive use for the R model, with red seats.

The mileage is 560km, even less than that of the 92R, which makes the vehicle miraculously rare and valuable among all the limited number of “02R” cars, 140 in total.


While the first NSX cars are growing its popularity and value worldwide, these two cars are glistening like stars. Please visit our website to register your bid for TOKYO AUCTION.
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